What is ZoePro?

ZoePro is a central hub for Canadian producers and veterinarians which provides each member with the personalized information, education, rewards and connections they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

What are the benefits of being a member of ZoePro?

Zoetis has a track record of more than 65-years of experience providing the leading products, tools and services to Canadian producers and veterinarians. ZoePro builds on this experience and seeks to equip each member with personalized information relevant to their daily professional lives to help them succeed. Members get information (the latest industry news and a sector-specific calendar of events); training and education (on-demand training and educational session; updates of laws and regulations, best practices and products; access to resource material); rewards (simple initiatives to reward your loyalty); and the opportunity to connect and learn with thought leaders, Zoetis professional resources and territory managers.

How can I get rewards?

It's a simple process. You accumulate points based on your purchases until you exchange them for rewards.

How much does membership cost?

Membership in ZoePro is free for all Canadian producers and veterinary clinics.

How can I be informed about the latest news, events, promotions and training opportunities?

Each time you visit ZoePro you'll see an overview of all upcoming news, events, promotions and training opportunities. You can also sign up for the ZoePro newsletter to stay on top of all the opportunities.

What's happening with the Producer Loyalty Program (PLP)?

The PLP program has been migrated into the REWARDS section of ZoePro. You keep all your PLP points, retain the same login information (ID number and password) and have access to the same rewards.

I'm already a member of the Producer Loyalty Program (PLP), do I need to sign up for ZoePro?

All users of the PLP are automatically users of ZoePro. You can log in to ZoePro using the same ID number and password you used for the PLP. We sent a communication to all PLP users explaining the migration. If you didn't receive this email, have any questions or are having trouble, please contact the ZoePro customer service team:

Technical difficulties
Experiencing any technical difficulties?

If you're experiencing any technical difficulties, don't hesitate to the ZoePro customer service team:

Zoetis products
I have an issue with a Zoetis product, who can I contact?

If you're experiencing an issue with or would have a question about a Zoetis product, please call our toll-free number: 1-800-461-0917.